Hard Drive Wipe

Getting rid of your old hard drive or computer? Data wipe is an important step!

Whether giving your computer to a local charity, a friend, or selling online; if you want to keep your data private we can help! Old hard drives are one of the leading causes of identity theft and fraud when data is left on them. Normal formatting procedures WILL NOT protect your data and can be recovered by simple software programs.

For a minimal fee, our technicians can take your old storage drive and erase it using government level destruction software. This will guarantee your data will not be lost to prying eyes when it reaches its new owner. All drive wipe services come with a certificate of destruction that include date, make, model, and serial number of the wiped drive.

The best part of using our wipe service is the drive is still usable after, it will just be cleaned of all your data! Unlike other methods that destroy the physical drive, we allow you to provide a fully working drive to the next owner for added value.


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